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A huge pet peeve of mine is when wait staff at nice restaurants feel the need to card. Honestly, I am out to a business dinner. I am about to drop $150 on a bottle of wine and three times that on food, can you cut me the embarrassment of carding me? This has only ever happened twice in my life and I will never forget the restaurants.

The first was at Emeril’s in Atlanta. I picked out a very nice bottle of wine and the sommelier felt the need to card me and only me. That was fun.

The second time was tonight at Stockpot in Portland, OR. The waitress handled it better than the sommelier in Atlanta and carded everyone at the table. However, I still feel as though I lose some credibility with the client when I am the reason we get carded.

I know… in 10 years I’ll regret saying this and wish I was still being carded but whatever.

qotd: “East Portland is an interesting place.” Why you ask? “Well it’s the hookers and blow…” – Executive Assistant

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