winter doldrums

For the past five years Winter has meant one horrible, painstakingly boring thing; Winter Workouts.

It was easy in college, if you didn’t do the workouts odds are you didn’t stand a chance at making the boat come Spring.  You had a coach and a team to let down if you didn’t make your way down to the field house for endless hours of steady-state.

Life afterwards is a whole other story. Now your by youself, theres no one there to yell at you, or give you the motivation to get up and get out there. And by out there, I mean in there, because its much to cold to venture outside. It’s up to you now, your motivator has to be the scale and the heart-rate monitor.

In an effort to curb the boredom I purchased a few books filled with various workouts.  It’s better than trying to figure them out on my own. Perhaps if I stick it out and push through the Winter hard enough, I can find a consistent group of people to ride with, just for a little extra motivation :).

Heres to a whole lot of catching up on movies and TV during those lovely indoor workouts.

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