all moved in

well… all my “stuff” is here at least. I still have plenty of unpacking to do, and then the cleaning that follows. This should keep me busy for most of the week.

Friday night Dad came down to DE to move up my small bed and psuduo desk. I decided to spend the night in the living room on the floor as I did not think it made too much sense to drive back to NJ that night only to wake up and drive back here in the morning. Needless to say I did not have any food in the apartment yet, so I basically had to hunt for a supermarket in the AM. Exploring new places is always fun, but not when your hungry… then your on a mission and you have to find something quickly. Luckly there is an ACME down the street, so all was well there.

Mom and Kevin came down Saturday with the rest of my stuff, including my amazing bed. The rest of the day was spent unloading and shopping. Sunday was more shopping and unpacking. My bedroom is pretty much 99.9% done. I just have some pictures to hang and organize. Somehow in the process I managed to lose my birth certificate, which I need to travel in two weeks. Once again I get to worry that someone is going to try and pass themselves off as me and do who knows what. Hopefully its just at the bottom of some box hidden away only to be found ten years later.

The plan for the current week was to stay over in Delaware Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. I was just trying to save the commute and drop it from 80 miles to only 30. However after work today I got to Jessies and found no one to be there. I then realized that the place had no food, no TV, no internet, no books, no AC and no bed for me to sleep on. I promptly packed up the rest of my things and loaded them into the car. I’m not back in my apartment. I figured if I was going to be lonely I might as well be comfortable. I can deal with the commute for three more days.

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