first bad fall, second stupid fall

It was kind of funny when you think about it. Last night Leitz and I decided to go out for a ride. We were having a decent day, and we were on the return trip. I was riding in front and I was trying to show off that I can ride no hands (I’ve been practicing 🙂 ). Anyway as I look back to see if Leitz is laughing or not I see a car coming. So I decide that I need to get closer to the edge of the road (both hands are on the handlebars don’t worry). My issue was I got too close to the edge and my front tire slipped off into the gravel. I sort of paniced and tried to get it back up onto the road (instead of just pulling off and stopping.) At this point the road decides to go up, as the gravel does down so there is a six inch step. One very loud pop later and I’m on the ground with my head and left side of my body dragging. Somehow I managed to pop both my feet out and get up quickly! Amazlingly I look down at the bike, and the only problem is the flat tire.

I was all bloody and my wrist was hurting but no real harm. After spending upwards of about 20 minutes trying to change the tube in my tire, we start to ride home. We get to the light just before my house, and we had to stop so I unclipped and kind of leaned my weight on my left side, my hand buckled and I fell, hitting the same side of my body. I decided at that point that I was having a bad day, and I should just go to sleep. I managed to scrape up both my shifters. At this point I was so mad that I get into something way worse 2 miles before and I sustained no real damange to the bike, but I fall at a light and scratch up my shifters and handlebars. I was just like okay, day over, going to bed.

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