mountain biking

Yesterday we took a trip out to Arch’s National Park and took a “guided” mountain biking tour. First I was shocked that my mom was willing to do this with her bum knees, but I didn’t question it. It was amazingly fun. It was kind of weird to be able to juts go over rocks and not fall down, or go downhill on a mountain and not be thrown off the bike. We ended up splitting into two groups. A “faster group” and a group that would be going at a more moderate pace. At first the guy was like who wants to go fast? And I’m the only one who raised my hand. ::Everyone else is a baby…:: Eventually my brother and one of my cousins as well as some weird kid I didn’t like came along and we had a good time. Suprizingly my aunt got the hang of it and absolutly loved it. She kept asking me if I knew if there was mountain biking in Florida.

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