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Earlier today I had the lovely experience of being hit by a man on a mountain bike as I walked to work. Now, I would understand if this happened while I was in a cross-walk and an aggressive messenger trying to beat the light blew on through. However, this happened on the sidewalk.

As I crossed 8th street walking south I began to turn around to walk east on Race. At that point I was struck by a man on a mountain bike riding on the sidewalk. I then watched as the man fumbled around without saying anything and then proceeded to ride half way down the block and cross the street in the middle against traffic and into a parking lot. Thankfully I was not hurt, just disoriented, and a little sore.

I honestly cannot understand people who ride bikes on the side walk. I see this all the time, and it really makes me angry. Don’t these people understand that it is both illegal and dangerous to ride their bikes on the sidewalk in cities? Both Pennsylvania law (Section 3508.a) and Philadelphia Code (12-808.1) state:

“No person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk within a business district, as such district is defined in The Vehicle Code.”

Additionally, Philadelphia Code (12-808.2) states:

“No person 12 years of age or more shall ride a bicycle upon any sidewalk in any district.”

This man was clearly over the age of 12.

People, there are bike lanes for a reason. Use them, and remember that you are classified as a vehicle and the same laws apply.

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