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Health insuranres asked to detail executive pay

I can just see it now, Ronald Williams, CEO of Aetna makes $8.4m per year while poor Grandma is $1m in debt due to an emergency medical procedure while she was uninsured.

Once again we have an example of Congress trying to stir up a riot related to a symptom when they should really be looking at the root cause of why Grandma’s is really in this predicament.

Was it because the hospital and doctors charged a rediculous fee for their services? Perhaps that was due to the fact that those malpractice insurance companies charge insane premiums to their members which is ultimately due to the fact that we have an overly letigious society.

Maybe to really fix things we have to start at the real reason all of this stuff costs so damn much. How about passing some legislation capping the amount of money patients and their families can receive as part of a malpractice claim. And then, perhaps we cap the limits on the premiums malpractice firms can charge their members forĀ  specific levels of liability. This isn’t exactly a pro-market solution to the problem, however if we are going to meddle with something, how about we at least try and fiddle with the root of the problem.

Don’t even get me started on the privacy issues and unnecessary hassle listing every private citizen employed by these companies who makes more than 500k/year raises just to satisfy the whim of our Congress.

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