peta : thanksgiving edition

PETA has made an awesome parody of the game Cooking Mama, Cooking Mama : Mama Kills Animals : The Unauthorized PETA edition. While I do not agree in whole with PETA’s principles and methods, I do find some of the things they do to be utterly hilarious.

The objective of the game is to cook a Thanksgiving dinner the bloody (PETA) way. First you defeather the turkey, then you stuff him and cook him in the oven. Finally, you use the innards to make a gruesome gravy. The game isn’t entirely true to life, last I checked eggs don’t bleed when you crack them open, but it’s still pretty fun and a good way to kill (pun intended) some time this thanksgiving.

As a follow up to an earlier post about KFC, I found this game which is a lot less bloody than the above.

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