mcdonalds commercials

Lately McDonalds has been showing some rather offensive commercials on the Food Network. Not offensive in the way that I was personally offended. I was offended because you think people will actually buy (pun-intended) into this crap.

There are three versions.

1) A small child is enjoying chicken nuggets made from “real white meat.” Well yeah, it was real at one point, but then you ground up an entire chicken, added liquid, salt and preservatives, and reconstitutied it in the form a nugget. Which, last time I checked, was not a real part of the chicken.

2) You show me how you make an egg McMuffin. Step 1, take a real egg, set it in a circular metal cookie cutter. Step 2, place it on a fresh baked english muffin and top with cheese and bacon. Do you really think that anyone believes the guy behind the counter making minimum wage is really cooking my egg fresh?

3) You show me a package of FRESH REAL 100% American ground beef! Except you never say that it’s grade A, or B… or even C. You just say it’s… beef… and that is how you make burgers that all look exactly the same.

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