schuylkill punch

Friday night I went to a party on Boathouse row. I ended up running into way to many random Delaware kids, but it was an overall good time.

Towards the end of the night a bunch of people get the bright idea to jump in the river. Having never swam in that cesspool  before I decided it was an excellent idea. The moment I jumped off the dock, I knew better. Expecting to just hit water, I was surprized when I landed only up to my waist and in 90% seaweed.

How do they hold triathlons in this mess!

Eventually I was able to swim out to the ropes, which is essentially a safety net for boats which miss the dock and are heading to the waterfall. We decided to play a game, ten people sit on the ropes to bring them down and then nine hop off launching the tenth person six or seven feet into the air.

While slightly gross, I highly recommed this experiance.

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