human zoom

I am currently very disappointed with Human Zoom. I was attempting to add a front brake to my new bike today and realized that I didn’t have the proper tool to cut and crimp the brake cables. No biggie, I figured I could shoot down to Human Zoom, pick up the tool and a new set of bar tape. Well, I arrive and the sales guy tells me they don’t see those kinds of tools in the store. I could order one, but it would take over a week to arrive. This is lame, and I reject his offer. I figure I might as well just get the bar tape, and have a friend cut and crimp the cable another day. This leads me to my real anger towards the store. The Bontrager bar tape they were selling is $18. Ridiculous for some cork. The cheapest no name brand they were selling was $15.99. I could get the same stuff or better online for $5.

Human Zoom, you have disappointed me for the last time.

Now I’m left with a bike with no bar tape, and half a brake system. Sweet.

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