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to crash a state dinner

The cable news media was domonated this morning with the story about a couple who “crashed” a White House state dinner this past Tuesday. First off, if this is true, it speaks volumes about the security practices currently in place. … Continue reading

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healthcare commentary

I just read an interesting passage in The Undercover Economist which directly applies to the current healthcare debate even though it was published back in 2005. Hartford, the book’s author, describes the current failure of the “free market” in providing … Continue reading

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history books

Do you ever wonder what school children will read in history textbooks 50 years from now? Will they actually call this the Great Recession and outline the programs put in place by the Bush/Obama administrations aimed at restarting lending (TALF), … Continue reading

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donations reduce national debt?

Article: Donating this year? Uncle Same needs your help’ Under a little-known law enacted in 1961, Uncle Sam accepts tax-deductible contributions to pay down the country’s debt. Let me just start out by saying, are you #$@*ing kidding me!? Apparently … Continue reading

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septa strike | conspiracies abound

Article: Union leaders turn down “sensational” deal Imagine my surprise when earlier today I wander down to the bus stop at 8th and Arch and wait patiently for a bus that was never going to come. Apparently, at 3am SEPTA’s … Continue reading

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the media’s perpetual misunderstanding

Article: CNN Money: Washington’s inconvenient truths Please indulge me as I discuss another misinformed article on CNN Money / Fortune. I believe the intent of the article was to analyze the effect the recent “economic recovery” will have on the … Continue reading

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has the free market failed?

I am really tired to turning on the news or reading an article talking about the evils of the “free market” and how we need to put more regulation in place to prevent business from taking advantage of consumers. When … Continue reading

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