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ants. gross.

I woke up Saturday morning to find my entire kitchen floor covered in ants. I noticed this as I was stepping out of the kitchen, which means I was walking all over them when I was in the kitchen. I … Continue reading

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Have you ever felt too powerful as a species? This morning as I grabbed a spider and flushed it down the toilet, I let out a bit of a maniacal laugh… Eh. Just wait till some little one celled organism … Continue reading

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two gripes with septa

In less than 24 hours SEPTA has managed to piss me off twice. New record I think… 1) I rode SEPTA back from the bike race in Manayunk yesterday. A ride of less than one mile. It was hot and … Continue reading

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ad words

So after ordering a specialty paper, I received a normal confirmation email to my gmail account. What made this particular email hilarious was the Google Ad-word top entry was for Dunder Mifflin Paper. Hilarious. I love that a fake company … Continue reading

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So I’ve been good this past week. Lately I have found myself not wanting to ride once I get home from work. It’s hot and I’m tired. Not a good combination. The solution? Convince the roommate (or vice versa) that … Continue reading

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